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Researchers discover information about the gene which makes a difference more
In response to acute stress the regulation of blood flow changes in various brain regions more
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Stress in the cerebellum

August 21, 2018
Under challenging conditions a signaling molecule is critical for the motor ability more
IBI licenses Silibinin for the use in Cushing´s Disease

Compound will be tested in clinical trials more

<p>Understanding anxiety</p>

Understanding anxiety

June 11, 2018

Neural circuit mechanisms of emotion identified more

<strong>Unique study designed to identify biomarkers for mental disorders</strong>

Better diagnosis means better treatment more

<p>Anorexia susceptibility molecule</p>

The placenta programs offspring’s predisposition to anorexia more

Mechanistic role of DNA changes detected during differentiation

Research at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry provides a better understanding of epigenetic changes more

Finding answers in sleep

Finding answers in sleep

January 24, 2018

The importance of a good night’s sleep more

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