MPIP & You

The Visiting Scientist Program at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry.

The MPIP & You Program aims to bring together international and MPIP scientists in order to develop collaborations in the research field of basic and translational psychiatry.

Scientists (ranging from postdoctoral fellows to established senior investigators) working in a range of disciplines can apply to pursue their research interests alongside our scientists for short or long-term visits (up to 24 months).

Subject to a competitive selection process, the MPIP may provide salary, office space, funding, and access to campus housing as well as multiple scientific resources. The visiting scientists are welcome to attend and participate in MPIP conferences, seminars and events.

The MPIP is accepting applications on a continuous basis. To apply, please send:

  • A statement of your research interests
  • A list of potential MPIP collaborators
  • Your current curriculum vitae

to our MPIP & You Program Manager, Mrs. Heike Junkert.

All applications will be reviewed by the Visiting Scientists Committee twice a year; on March and September.

We recommend‎ contacting potential MPIP collaborators prior to submitting your application.

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