Mice under stress

December 01, 2020

Social status influences behavior of stressed mice in a sex-specific way more

Stable connections between nerve cells are the basis of memory more

Seeing depression in the pupil

November 26, 2020

Study proves correlation more

Chronic inflammation and depressive disorders may have a common genetic cause. Recent research focuses on the inflammatory marker interleukin-6 (IL-6), which at higher levels has been shown to be a potential risk factor for suicidal behavior. more

A study of mice in a semi-natural setting shows how the hormone oxytocin can amplify aggression as well as friendliness more


March 17, 2020

"How stress gets under the skin: molecular mechanisms of gene x adversity interactions" more

Scientists discover a possible starting point for medications to treat coronavirus infections more

Individual differences in mice

November 06, 2019

New method for mapping personality more

Collaboration between the two departments of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry found molecular similarities in mice and humans exposed to trauma more

Pregnant women who experience stress, such as depression or anxiety, could be passing along a genetic marker for stress to their unborn fetus. New research findings may help identify high-risk individuals, and develop ways to prevent disease. more

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