Dr. Michael Mende
Dr. Michael Mende
Program Coordinator IMPRS-TP | EKF-TP
Phone: +49 (0) 89-30622-273

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Network and behavioral dynamics of sensory integration in the rodent hippocampal system

What are the systems-level mechanisms allowing for formation of memories? The accepted broad mechanistic framework for this process isthat perceived information about the world is transferred from multimodal neocortical areas to the hippocampal region where it is actively encoded. Both transfer of information to and encoding in the hippocampus relies on active sampling of the external sensory inputs and internal network dynamics. However the quantitative link between diverse exploratory behaviour that rodents use to actively sample external sensory inputs during learning, oscillatory network dynamics that controls information flow and hippocampal population code for space and memory is not established. [more]

Munich Psychiatry Lecture Series | MPLS

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Autism Spectrum Disorders: Complex disorders with a complex genetic architecture

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) show a high heritability of 60-90%. The phenotype is complex, with many comorbid psychiatric disorders, and variable cognitive and language impairments. [more]

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The impact of child abuse on cerebral connectivity.

Child abuse has devastating and long-lasting consequences, considerably increasing the lifetime risk of negative mental health outcomes such as depression and suicide. Yet, the neurobiological processes underlying this heightened vulnerability remain poorly understood. We recently investigated the impact of child abuse on cerebral white matter organization using well-characterized postmortem brain samples from adult depressed suicides having suffered from child abuse, depressed suicides without child abuse, and matched sudden-death controls. [more]

Munich Psychiatry Lecture Series | MPLS

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What makes us human? Similarities and differences of the human and rodent neocortical microcircuit.

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