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Mitochondria, an exciting new target for the treatment of anxiety disorders

December 14, 2015
An antioxidant that works on mitochondria is shown to alleviate anxiety [more]
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Understanding a missing link in how antidepressants work

November 24, 2015
Scientists discover a new way in which antidepressants work via the well-known stress protein FKBP51 [more]
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A breath of fresh air for the traditional Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

November 09, 2015
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin E. Keck is the new director of the clinic [more]
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Canadian Institute for Health Research fellowship: Epigenetic effects in stress-related disorders

October 09, 2015
Nadine Provençal receives 50,000 CAD fellowship for her research on epigenetic effects of exposure to glucocorticoids and childhood maltreatment [more]
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Twofold awarding of Anthony Zannas for research on stress and aging

October 02, 2015
Anthony Zannas receives Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellowship and NARSAD Young Investigator Award [more]
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Alon Chen receives transnational funding for research on Epigenetics in Major Depression

September 01, 2015
The governments of France, Germany and Canada join forces to promote research on epigenetic mechanisms in complex diseases and to open new routes for prevention, diagnosis and therapy [more]

Holocaust survivors pass on trauma to their children’s genes

August 24, 2015
Pre-conception trauma results in transmission of epigenetic changes from the exposed parents to their children [more]
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Moritz Kirchner receives Apprenticeship Award, 2015 from the Max Planck Society

July 21, 2015
For outstanding performance during his training as an IT specialist (system integration) [more]
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B2RUN Munich 2015

July 16, 2015
30,000 runners, a lovely sunny day, a 6.1 km race in the Olympic Park – and we were right in the middle of it! [more]
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ScieKickIn 2015: Red-hot battle in Neuperlach

July 04, 2015
The football team of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry secures an impressive 4th place [more]
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