Outpatient Clinic for Acute Distress Disorders

Outpatient Clinic for Acute Distress Disorders

In our consultations for acute distress disorders, we offer short-notice appointments for patients with considerable mental health problems resulting from particularly serious events or changes in personal circumstances. We offer diagnosis and acute therapy intervention or, if necessary, arrange for therapy in a hospital.  

Everybody is confronted with periods in life when they are totally taken by surprise by certain changes in circumstances or situations. If these changes are significant, one may well refer to them as crises, i.e., sudden or long-lasting living conditions we believe we are not able to cope with.

A sudden stressful event might be the death of someone close, loss of a job or a major change in living circumstances (e.g., a birth, loss of one‘s social contacts as a consequence of moving, massive family conflicts). Such crises can happen to anyone and everyone reacts in a different way, e.g., showing emotional or behavioral changes. The long-term consequences can be acute distress disorders, burnout or depression. 

During the consultation, we will make an initial assessment of the patient’s problems and discuss further therapeutic options. Please note, prior registration is required. This can be done by phoning us during our telephone consultation hours from Monday to Friday between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm (phone number: 089-30622-1). 

We also offer consultations in English.  

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