Inpatient Wards

Despite the growing treatment possibilities in the outpatient and day patient care setting, inpatient treatment is still a crucial option for the therapy of psychiatric as well as neurological diseases. Only inpatient treatment can provide the intensive diagnostics and therapy required for the more severe psychiatric diseases. Inpatient therapy also offers the advantage that doctors and therapists from different professional groups can work together to respond quickly to the needs of each individual patient. Neurological and psychiatric patients are often additionally suffering from surgical, orthopedic or internal medical problems, which can be treated during the course of their stay in hospital.

Each inpatient treatment must be clearly structured in order to keep the duration to a minimum. Clearly, our goal is to dismiss patients only after complete improvement. 

For the inpatient treatment we will need your registration carried by an established physician or psychotherapist. Information for our referral physicians is available here.

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