Closed Acute Unit

Closed Acute Unit

The unit for acute and intensive care is specialized on individual intensive therapy of especially severe psychiatric diseases of adulthood and on treatment of psychiatric emergency cases. The latter include, e.g., acute suicidality and traumas, self-injury crises, acute psychoses and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. We combine drug therapy with individual and group psychotherapy and further non-pharmacological treatment methods, e.g., with occupational therapy and clinical social work.

Our Closed Acute Unit offers intensive individual treatment for all psychiatric diseases of adults. There are 24 treatment places in 12 double rooms. Locked doors and two observation rooms offer special protection for patients who are temporarily suicidal or disoriented or want temporary intensive protection for some reason or other. As soon as this special protection is dispensable with ongoing recovery, our patients can and should stay outside the ward alone and test their ability to cope with stress when staying at home overnight on the weekends.

In addition to three medical assistants and the nursing team, two female psychologists, one female occupational therapist and one female social education worker belong to our team.

Besides the ward-specific therapies, our patients can also participate in the inter-ward treatment offers, such as work therapy, art therapy and sports and exercise therapy. 

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