Scientific Core Units

In this Core Unit, the most advanced analytical methods of measurement are used to detect individual and multiple analytes for various research projects by examining material from human and animal sources. To this end, we employ routine methods of clinical analytics, immunological/multi-analyte methods of measurement and chromatography in conjunction with mass spectroscopy.
The Core Unit Biobanking collects and stores biological samples from patients and healthy subjects. The sample material is processed using appropriate methods to obtain DNA, RNA and PBMC's. Subsequently, samples are quantified and tested for purity and quality. A quality management system for sample processing, storage and documentation is in place
The Electrophysiology Core Unit performs research on single-cell and neuronal network-level electrophysiological processes in the mouse brain. For this purpose, we use field potential and patch-clamp recordings, voltage-sensitive dye imaging, optogenetic tools, etc.
The GEMMs Core Unit (Genetically Engineered Mouse Models) provides expertise on the design, generation, maintenance and practical application of genetically engineered mouse models.
The Neuroimaging Core Unit provides expertise for all state-of-the-art MRI applications, including structural and functional imaging, simultaneous assessment of fMRI and electrophysiological data, diffusion (spectral) imaging and 1H-MR spectroscopy.
The Preclinical Center will enable our scientists to conduct all of the animal behavioral studies at the highest possible hygienic, technical and scientific level.
The Proteomics Core Unit uses mass spectrometry in combination with protein microchemistry technologies for the fractionation, characterization and quantification of proteins and peptides from complex biological samples.
The MPI Study Center supports principal investigators in organizing and conducting their studies. It ensures efficient use of our internal resources (staff and rooms) and concentrates our know-how. In addition, it will harmonize methods across all studies and improve comparability between studies by establishing quality standards.
The Virus Production Core Unit is concerned with the production of viral vectors and their incorporation into a suitable host organism.
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