IMPRS for Translational Psychiatry

The IMPRS-TP PhD program provides first class training to internationally outstanding students who are passionate about molecular, cellular and systemic psychiatric research. In addition to traditional PhD positions, we offer a unique integrated PhD/residenceprogram in psychiatry to exceptional medical doctors.


Prenatal stress exposure increases vulnerability to stress later in life

August 21, 2019

Pregnant women who experience stress, such as depression or anxiety, could be passing along a genetic marker for stress to their unborn fetus. New research findings may help identify high-risk individuals, and develop ways to prevent disease.

Mechanism underlying the relationship between aging, stress and heart attacks discovered

June 07, 2019

Aging and stress lead to an increased risk of disease and intensified inflammatory processes. We don’t know the underlying reason or which molecular processes are behind this phenomenon. What we do know, however, is that aging and stress have an ...

Multigene test predicts depression risk

April 05, 2019

An international team led by Munich-based researchers have found a genetic score that reliably predicts in youths who will have depression, the severity of the depression and the age of onset. Furthermore, an additive effect was seen in the youths ...

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