Therapies available

We treat our patients with a combination of gentle drug therapy and psychotherapy with as few side effects as possible. In addition, we put together an individual schedule for the day from a wide range of offers such as occupational therapy, psychosocial counselling, exercise therapy, nutritional counselling and other procedures.

If required, we offer neuropsychological training to improve concentration and memory. Our specialist nursing staff support targeted activities, hold discussions with caregivers and design leisure activities.

Psychopharmaceuticals are medications which have a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system and in this way have a beneficial effect on pathological changes in the experience and behavior of mental disorders.
We carry out psychotherapy in individual as well as in group therapy sessions. On request, we can also offer couple or family sessions.


Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a modern and currently the most effective therapeutic method for treating severe depressive and psychotic disorders. It is scientifically recognised, highly effective, safe and has very few side effects in relation to the severity of the treated diseases.
Occupational therapy supports patients to recover their ability to act in their professional and everyday life, which was lost or limited by illness or disability. The overall goal of occupational therapy is for the patient to achieve the greatest possible independence in 3 areas of life, self-sufficiency, work and leisure.
Our goal is to create and maintain a maximally self-responsible and self-determined approach to life for each patient, taking into account their individual situation. Here, we offer advice on offers and possibilities of assistance from different areas of life as well as concrete support in the implementation of individual steps.
We base our therapeutic measures on a holistic approach, with regard to the physical-emotional unity of the patient.
We offer the following treatments as individual and group therapy: Physiotherapy, breathing therapy, body awareness as well as electro and thermotherapy. We have three therapy rooms, a gymnasium and a swimming pool at our disposal.
Our nutritional counseling, nutritional therapy and diabetes advice are available to our inpatients, day clinic patients and outpatients.
Art therapy encourages the exploration of different art materials and art-relaxation exercises, in order to discover one's own creative potential - free of any performance pressure or evaluation. 
Light Therapy was initially developed to antagonise seasonal affective disorder or the so-called “winter depression”.  Meanwhile, however, it was recognised to be beneficial in treating various other illnesses and its scope of application was extended.
In addition to the positive results seen using acupuncture in the treatment of pain disorders, acupuncture is also increasingly being used successfully in the treatment of mental and psychosomatic disorders.
Progressive Relaxation is a relaxation method that is easy and quick to learn. It trains the body to perceive tension and then actively stimulate relaxation.
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