We offer the following treatments as individual and group therapy: Physiotherapy, breathing therapy, body awareness as well as electro and thermotherapy. We have three therapy rooms, a gymnasium and a swimming pool at our disposal.

The objective of physiotherapy is to restore physiological movement patterns. Whether these have been triggered by trauma, changes in age, neurological diseases, somatoform pain syndromes or internal problems. Furthermore, we support our patients to achieve the highest possible level of independence and quality of life with irreversible conditions. The duration is planned individually and according to the current state of science, depending on the clinical profile and general condition of our patients. The priority at all times is help for self-help.

1. Physiotherapy

    Bobath Concept
    PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
    FBL (functional movement theory according to Klein-Vogelbach)
    Manual therapy
    spinal column gymnastics

2. Breathwork and body awareness training

    Breathing therapy concepts
    Pneumonia prophylaxis
    Secretion dissolution and transport
    Expansion bearings
    Relaxation according to Jacobson

3. Physical therapy


4. Supply of aids

 Advice / adaptation and organization of required aids within the scope of our possibilities.

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