Day Clinics

Our Day Clinics provide treatment to patients with mental disorders for whom outpatient treatment is not sufficient but inpatient treatment is no longer necessary.

Through our close ties with the inpatient units of the Max Planck Institute, our patients have access to all of our modern diagnostic and therapeutic resources. Treatment at the day clinic enables us to provide intensive, highly qualified medical, psychotherapeutic and social care, but with the patient remaining in their home environment.

Our day clinics are situated in 2 locations. Registration for treatment should be carried out through your treating physician.

Als kleine eigenständige Einheit einer exzellent ausgestatteten Fachklinik sind wir in der Lage, ein sehr persönliches therapeutisches Milieu herzustellen. Daneben haben wir Zugang zu allen Abteilungen des vollstationären Bereiches der Klinik und sind durch unsere renommierte Forschungsabteilung medizinisch immer auf dem neuesten Stand. [more]
Our available therapies are aimed primarily at patients with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to optimal medical and psychotherapeutic treatment, we place emphasize on reintegration into the workforce as a focus of therapy. [more]

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