Psychosocial Advice

Psychosocial Advice

Our goal is to create and maintain a maximally self-responsible and self-determined approach to life for each patient, taking into account their individual situation. Here, we offer advice on offers and possibilities of assistance from different areas of life as well as concrete support in the implementation of individual steps.

The psychosocial counseling at the clinic is run by a social worker on each ward. We tailor the individual’s need for social worker support in close co-operation with the ward’s treatment team, the patient and their relatives and/or guardian. 

Our areas of assistance are very diverse and include, for example:

  • Mediation of medical and professional rehabilitation measures
  • Support on financial and governmental matters
  • Information on benefits provided by social security schemes and assistance with the application to receive them
  • Professional reintegration (contact with employers, employment agencies, integration office, search for internships etc.)
  • Organization of domestic assistance and assisted housing
  • Mediation of self-help offers and support in the management of illness
  • Development of day-to-day measures and support for independent living
  • Perspective development, everyday planning, leisure activities
  • Relative support

We take part in the weekly visits and team meetings and therefore represent a primary point of contact for our patients. However, contact may also be made via the treating physician or nursing staff.

We adhere to the confidentiality agreement and treat all information received confidentially.

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