Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

We base our therapeutic measures on a holistic approach, with regard to the physical-emotional unity of the patient.

In group therapy sessions, motor skills, physical fitness and social skills are strengthened. In individual therapy sessions, the focus is on the perception of the disease, such as body perception, weight loss and increasing drive. Psycho-educational methods, such as mental training and anti-aggression training, are integrated as needed.

Goals of Therapy

  • To increase mental and physical well-being
  • To increase self-drive
  • To strengthen self-responsibility and self-awareness
  • To promote communication and interaction
  • To encourage enjoyment of life through games, sport and movement
  • To motivate patients to do regular sport
  • To incorporate physical activity into everyday life

Therapies Available:


  • Early in the day activity: Moderate sport program for an active start to the day
  • Pilates: Full body training to increase flexibility and stability
  • Yoga: Classical yoga sessions with a focus on breathing, concentration and agility
  • Dance therapy: Musically supported movement sequences to promote movement flow, creativity and personal expression
  • Relaxation Training: Learn and practice different relaxation techniques
  • Ballsports: Various activities such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, Indiaca and hockey
  • Gymnastics for the back: Targeted strengthening and stretching of the back and spine with an emphasis on the core strength
  • Strength training: Intensive training program to improve condition
  • Gymnastics for the older generation: a versatile exercise program for older and immobilized patients
  • Emotional regulation therapy: breathing therapy, boxing training

Outdoor activities

  • Nordic-Walking: Endurance training and complete body workout in the outdoors

Special training for weight loss

  • „Strong and Fit“: Combines intensive endurance training with individual nutritional therapy.

The sports therapists work very closely with the other therapists and the ward staff in a multi-disciplinary approach.

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