Study Center

Study Center

The MPI Study Center supports principal investigators in organizing and conducting their studies. It ensures efficient use of our internal resources (staff and rooms) and concentrates our know-how. In addition, it will harmonize methods across all studies and improve comparability between studies by establishing quality standards.

The main tasks of the Study Center are to assist principal investigators in organizing and conducting their studies and provide an overview of all in-house studies (management of applications for ethical approval and ethics committee votes).

The Study Center provides the following services:

  • Data and biosample collection (i.e., ECG, blood draw, interviews with questionnaires)
  • Interface between different in-house units (hospital, MRI etc.)
  • Assistance with recruitment, randomisation or individual support of study participants
  • Study organization
  • Data management
  • Assistance with study design, including the development of appropriate recruitment strategies and SOPs, assistance with applications/proposals, management of contracts and implementation of data protection issues (in cooperation with the data protection officer of the Max Planck Society)
  • ID-management (in the future)

The Study Center team currently consists of the coordinator Norma Grandi, 7 study assistants and student assistants.

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