Service Study Center

The main tasks of the Study Center are to assist principal investigators in organizing and conducting their studies and provide an overview of all in-house studies (management of applications for ethical approval and ethics committee votes).

The Study Center provides the following services:

  • Data and biosample collection (i.e., ECG, blood draw, interviews with questionnaires)
  • Interface between different in-house units (hospital, MRI etc.)
  • Assistance with recruitment, randomisation or individual support of study participants
  • Study organization
  • Data management
  • Assistance with study design, including the development of appropriate recruitment strategies and SOPs, assistance with applications/proposals, management of contracts and implementation of data protection issues (in cooperation with the data protection officer of the Max Planck Society)
  • ID-management (in the future)

The Study Center team currently consists of the coordinator Norma Grandi, 7 study assistants and student assistants.

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