Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Ward 3, Ward 4)

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Ward 3, Ward 4)

Wards 3 and 4 are open wards. We admit patients suffering from all forms of mental disorders, i.e., from depression, anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorders, sleep disorders, etc., for a short time for crisis intervention or by arrangement.

On the basis of a multi-dimensional understanding of disease, an individual examination and treatment plan is designed for and talked over with all patients after an in-depth medical and psychological discussion. For doing so, an internal special laboratory, medical imaging, differentiated neuropsychological testing and a sleep laboratory are at our disposal.

Psychotherapeutic and personalized psychopharmacological treatment is done according to the current state of knowledge. Psychotherapy integrates elements of the cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy and somatoform therapies. In addition, a variety of further therapeutic treatment options of the clinic, such as occupational therapy, art therapy, work therapy or exercise therapy in the park, in the gym or in the swimming pool, are employed. If you wish to and if there is a medical indication, we apply an up-to-date electroshock therapy for patients suffering from severe depression in cooperation with the department of anesthesiology of the municipal hospital of München-Schwabing. 

Wards 3 and 4 each comprise 26 treatment places (2 single rooms and 12 double rooms). The teams of both wards are composed of three physical and two psychological therapists, our nursing team - consisting of members of the health care and nursing and psychiatric specialist nursing, and one senior physician. By means of a one-on-one nursing system, in interaction with the person concerned and by including the patient in therapy, we create an appreciating environment so that our patients can benefit from the best treatment possible. 

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