Starting in January 2020, our ward 2 is targeted to older patients aged 60 and above. It will focus on affective disorders such as depression, in connection with internal and neurological diseases. Our well-trained team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists will continue to treat you as usual.

Our research clinic provides a new ward especially tailored to the needs of older patients’ at the age of 60 and above. We are particularly addressing patients who, in addition to an affective disorder such as depression, also deal with an internal or neurological disease.

If your main diagnosis is a psychiatric disorder, but you also deal with an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS), movement disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS) or an internal disturbance, you are just in the right place at our ward 2. You can expect the combined expertise of our clinical psychiatrists and our neurologists.

Our therapies are based on the latest scientific findings, guidelines and quality standards. In terms of diagnostics, we offer our neuroradiology and electrophysiology department, the cerebrospinal fluid laboratory and the neuropsychology department.

Besides pharmacological therapy, we attach special value to our wide range of psychotherapeutic services in the form of individual and group therapies.

The treatment is rounded off by our interdisciplinary, well-trained team of ergotherapists and physiotherapists, our social workers and our nursing staff.

During your inpatient stay, our psychosocial counselling will ensure that you are well cared for even after your discharge. This includes our close cooperation with the special outpatient departments of the Institute for Inflammatory CNS Diseases and Movement Disorders.

We offer 21 inpatient beds (8 double rooms, 3 single rooms) with private sanitary facilities, telephone and TV connection as well as a monitoring room with four monitored beds.

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