Private Outpatient Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Private Outpatient Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Our Private Outpatient Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy offers a broad spectrum of counseling, diagnostics and therapy aimed at patients with mental health problems such as depression, chronic fatigue, burnout and anxiety disorders.

We stand for scientifically sound counseling and diagnostics as well as evidence-based therapy according to the latest findings of modern psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Diagnostically, we take sufficient time for you

In addition to recording your individual medical history based on clinical expertise, we offer a wide range of technical and instrumental examinations, including special genetic tests, at our disposal in order to map your individual disease model. Due to the close interdisciplinary integration of the psychiatric and neurological special outpatient clinics, we can also offer you second assessments in difficult diagnostic situations and in the case of a previously therapy-resistant course of the disease.

Therapeutically, your health and well-being are our top priority

We take a holistic approach to treatment with state-of-the art psychotherapy as well as pharmacological treatment including regular therapeutic drug monitoring.

An integrative approach to therapy enables us to achieve treatment success more quickly, to bring about a more rapid stabilization of the course of the disease and thus to prevent the transition to a chronic course.

It is our declared goal to treat you in a resource-oriented manner as well as in a way that is compatible with your everyday life. In order to achieve this, we offer short-term appointments and flexible treatment times, including video consultation hours.

In addition to purely outpatient treatment, you can also receive advice about treatment in a day clinic or inpatient admission in our research hospital.

Furthermore, if you wish - after detailed consultation - you are cordially invited to participate in current scientific studies and, if applicable, to benefit immediately from the results.

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