Young colleagues awarded

Awards given to Hanna Thaler and Oren Forkosh

December 22, 2017

Hanna Thaler was awarded a research fellowship of approximately 200,000 € from the "Independent Research Fund Denmark“, for two years. The main aim of the research project conducted within the research group of social neuroscience and the day clinic for social disorders at MPI of Psychiatry is to further develop and test an interaction-focused group intervention that is tailored to adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It applies a novel computational account of ASD that provides a unifying explanation for the diverse symptoms seen in ASD, providing more objective measures of treatment outcomes.

One of the two prize winners of the 2017 “Early Career Award Winners” of the Society for Social Neuroscience is Oren Forkosh. Under the leadership of Alon Chen, Oren proposes a new model to investigate personality.

Congratulations to our young colleagues!

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