Emergency contacts

For emergencies, your first point of contact is generally your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist. If you cannot reach them, the following resources are available to you:

  • Krisendienste Bayern (Crisis Service Bavaria), reachable 24/7 for free using the phone number 0800-655 3000
  • Telephone helpline, reachable 24/7 via telephone or online (Tel. 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222). Help here is available in German only. See here for information on international helplines.
  • Resources in Munich (in German)
  • Ambulance (Tel. 112, free from anywhere)
  • If you are in acute danger: Police (Tel. 110, free from anywhere)
  • If you need medical help outside standard doctor’s office hours (evenings, weekends, public holidays) you can call the medical help hotline, reachable 24/7 for free using the phone number 116117. Please note that this number is for non life-threatening situations only.

Here at the Institute you can reach the on-call doctor at all times using the phone number 089-30622-1000.

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