Emil Kraepelin Guest Professorship awarded to Professor Charles Nemeroff

November 13, 2013

Charles Nemeroff has contributed to a better understanding of anxiety disorders, affective disorders and schizophrenia by his pioneering work in the field of psychiatric research. He is head of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami. On October 30, Charles Nemeroff was awarded the Emil Kraepelin Guest Professorship for his outstanding achievements in the field of Clinical Neuroscience. He received this award during the scientific symposium on “Neurobiology of Trauma and Stress: Implications for Novel Therapeutic Strategies” held at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (MPIP).

Elisabeth Binder, Charles Nemeroff, Florian Holsboer (from left side)

In his work Charles Nemeroff has demonstrated that early trauma exposure has long-lasting effects on the course of psychiatric diseases. These findings have not only had a strong influence on the treatment of diseases, such as depression, which affects millions of people worldwide, but have also provided the impetus for the development of novel drugs.

In her speech of honor on Charles Nemeroff, Elisabeth Binder, Managing Director at the MPIP, emphasized his dedication to the training of future clinical researchers, for which he has been awarded the “Research Mentoring Award” of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

“Charles Nemeroff is deeply committed to research in Psychiatry and Neuroscience,” Binder explained. “This is not only shown by his scientific publications – almost 700 original scientific papers listed in PubMed. Under his chairmanship, the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Emory was one of the leading research institutions in the USA, with a high international reputation.” “His institute at the University of Miami is also on its way to becoming one of the top-ranking research institutions of the United States”, Binder said.

Since 1995, the Emil Kraepelin Professorship has been assigned almost every year, which has been made possible by the „Stiftung Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Psychiatrie“. The objective is to promote the scientific cooperation by honoring personalities in science who have accomplished outstanding achievements in the clinical or preclinical field and whose scientific work is directly related to the central topics of the Institute. In order to intensify the contact between the scientific institutes, the laureate and some of his co-workers are invited for a short stay at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry.


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