Outpatient Clinic for Depression

Outpatient Clinic for Depression

Depression can occur in various forms, although the typical symptoms are a persistent feeling of sadness or emptiness, loss of the capacity to be happy and a reduction in energy. Further frequent symptoms are problems with sleep, inability to concentrate, memory problems, feelings of guilt, lack of appetite and the inability to emotionally participate in the events happening in the immediate surroundings. Sometimes, hopelessness and despair are so intense that the will to live fades and suicidal thoughts occur, which may lead to planning and attempting suicide.

Depression is one of the long standing treatment and research focuses of our clinic. According to forecasts of the World Health Organization (WHO), depression caused by stress will be the most frequent disease in the industrial nations by 2030. However, depression is a disorder that can be treated effectively! Prompt, scientifically sound and individually targeted drug therapy and/or psychotherapy are essential in order to quickly restore the quality of life. 

During your consultation, we will evaluate your symptoms on the basis of scientific findings and take the necessary steps to find the best treatment for you. We are also happy to provide advice for your relatives.  

To make an appointment, please contact us during our telephone consultation hours from Monday to Friday from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm (phone number 089-30622-1).   

We also offer consultations in English or German

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