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Day Clinic for Scientific Psychotherapy

Our day clinic is focused on psychotherapy, concentrating mostly on schema therapy, behavioral therapy and individual supportive therapy. Additionally, our patients are usually treated with pharmacotherapy.

In our “Day Clinic for Scientific Psychotherapy”, we apply three scientifically substantiated types of psychotherapy: behavioral therapy, schema therapy and individual supportive therapy. The general efficacy of psychotherapy on depression has already been proven several times. But our interdisciplinary team of physicians and psychologists aims to improve the understanding of psychotherapy even more in order to be able to treat our patients more specifically and in a more personalized way in the future. After all, we don´t know yet which specific therapy will have the best effect on each patient before starting therapy. Furthermore, we are interested in the biological effects of psychotherapy, which is why we attach great value to state-of-the-art diagnostic examinations. We also offer a personalized therapy program for patients suffering from depression that have not been or are no longer treated in the clinic, or for whom only outpatient treatment isn´t sufficient.

As a patient in our day clinic you will be spending the nights and weekends in the familiar environment of your own home, while receiving intense psychotherapy treatment in individual or group sessions in our day clinic.

Due to its tight connection to the research clinic of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, you´ll benefit from medical care on an excellent level. Your days will be topped off with a variety of physical and creative activities as well as job-oriented occupational therapy and psychopharmacological treatment.

A day in the Day Clinic for Scientific Psychotherapy
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