Short film on self-help after flight and migration

Film on mental and physical symptoms in 13 languages

March 07, 2019

Many refugees develop mental and physical symptoms after having “arrived”. Sleep disorders, pounding of the heart or tension may be symptoms of difficulties in processing traumatic experiences. A short film by the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (MPI) shows what affected persons can do to reduce such symptoms.

Flight and Trauma - Self-Help

The animation film “Flight and Trauma – Self-Help” illustrates in 13 languages what affected persons can do for themselves, e.g., bite into a chili in order to banish unpleasant feelings or keep to a regular sleep schedule to make it through the night. The film also encourages them to seek help if their symptoms do not improve or are too intense.

The 2.5-minute film was produced by the MPI as part of the project RefPsych and was supported by the Max Planck Foundation. Just as the first short film, “Flight and Trauma” it is to be distributed via social media to reach as many refugees and their helpers as possible. The first film informs about potential mental and physical symptoms after flight and migration in order to encourage affected persons to seek help in order to obtain relief.

To watch the films and for further information on the project, please follow the link

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