What you should know regarding your stay with us

What you should bring

For admission
  • Insurance card
  • referral certificate from the general practitioner or specialist
  • If applicable ALG II notification, disability certificate
  • Medications you take at home
  • Preliminary findings such as doctor's reports, X-rays, CT/MRT, EKG or EEG, results of blood tests
  • If available: Patient decree and power of attorney
  • If available: Allergy passport, vaccination card, X-ray passport, diabetic card, blood group card
For your stay
  • Supporting devices (e.g. walker, walking stick, glasses, hearing aid)
  • Enough comfortable clothes (also for excursions, sports) and nightwear
  • If necessary a bath towel
  • Cosmetics and body care products
  • Contact details of relatives and friends
If possible, please do not bring any items of value and larger amounts of cash with you (we cannot assume any liability for this; lockable storage facilities are limited).

Elective services

You can take use of optional additional services with us: This could be the accommodation in a single room, depending on availability. You can also obtain treatment by one of our senior doctors as an optional medical benefit. If you have private or additional health insurance, this will cover the optional treatment, according to your contract.

Visiting hours

We are pleased to see our patients receiving visitors. Please arrange this according to your individual therapy plan: from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., preferably in the afternoon once most therapies as well as doctor and psychologist consultations are over.
Foto: Kai Otto Architekten / Ines Jenewein
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