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Silvia Cappello

Short Bio

Silvia Cappello is a research group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry. The major focus of her laboratory is to understand the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating the development of the human brain. Silvia Cappello studied biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Italy, and carried out her PhD in the University of Padua, Italy and in the laboratory of Magdalena Götz, at the Helmholtz Center. As a postdoctoral fellow, she studied mechanisms regulating neurogenesis and neuronal migration with Magdalena Götz and in the laboratory of Richard Vallee at Columbia University.

Selected Papers

Kyrousi, C.; O’Neill, A. C.; Brazovskaja, A.; He, Z.; Kielkowski, P.; Coquand, L.; Di Giaimo, R.; D’ Andrea, P.; Belka, A.; Forero Echeverry, A. et al.; Mei, D.; Lenge, M.; Cruceanu, C.; Buchsbaum, I. Y.; Khattak, S.; Fabien, G.; Binder, E.; Elmslie, F.; Guerrini, R.; Baffet, A. D.; Sieber, S. A.; Treutlein, B.; Robertson, S. P.; Cappello, S.: Extracellular LGALS3BP regulates neural progenitor position and relates to human cortical complexity. Nature Communications 12 (1), 6298 (2021)
Klingler, E.; Francis, F.; Jabaudon, D.; Cappello, S.: Mapping the molecular and cellular complexity of cortical malformations. SCIENCE 371 (6527), eaba4517, pp. 361 - + (2021)
Di Matteo, F.; Pipicelli, F.; Kyrousi, C.; Tovecci, I.; Penna, E.; Crispino, M.; Chambery, A.; Russo, R.; Ayo-Martin, A. C.; Giordano, M. et al.; Hoffmann, A.; Ciusani, E.; Canafoglia, L.; Goetz, M.; Di Giaimo, R.; Cappello, S.: Cystatin B is essential for proliferation and interneuron migration in individuals with EPM1 epilepsy. EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE 12 (6), e11419 (2020)
Buchsbaum, I. Y.; Kielkowski, P.; Giorgio, G.; O'Neill, A. C.; Di Giaimo, R.; Kyrousi, C.; Khattak, S.; Sieber, S. A.; Robertson, S. P.; Cappello, S.: ECE2 regulates neurogenesis and neuronal migration during human cortical development. EMBO REPORTS 21 (5), e48204 (2020)
Kielkowski, P.; Buchsbaum, I. Y.; Kirsch, V. C.; Bach, N. C.; Drukker, M.; Cappello, S.; Sieber, S. A.: FICD activity and AMPylation remodelling modulate human neurogenesis. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11 (1), 517 (2020)
Klaus, J.; Kanton, S.; Kyrousi, C.; Ayo-Martin, A. C.; Di Giaimo, R.; Riesenberg, S.; O'Neill, A. C.; Camp, J. G.; Tocco, C.; Santel, M. et al.; Rusha, E.; Drukker, M.; Schroeder, M.; Goetz, M.; Robertson, S. P.; Treutlein, B.; Cappello, S.: Altered neuronal migratory trajectories in human cerebral organoids derived from individuals with neuronal heterotopia. Nature Medicine 25 (4), pp. 561 - + (2019)
Buchsbaum, I. Y.; Cappello, S.: Neuronal migration in the CNS during development and disease: insights from in vivo and in vitro models. Development 146 (1), UNSP dev163766 (2019)
O'Neill, A. C.; Kyrousi, C.; Klaus, J.; Leventer, R. J.; Kirk, E. P.; Fry, A.; Pilz, D. T.; Morgan, T.; Jenkins, Z. A.; Drukker, M. et al.; Berkovic, S. F.; Scheffer, I. E.; Guerrini, R.; Markie, D. M.; Goetz, M.; Cappello, S.; Robertson, S. P.: A Primate-Specific Isoform of PLEKHG6 Regulates Neurogenesis and Neuronal Migration. CELL REPORTS 25 (10), pp. 2729 - 2741 e6 (2018)
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