Service Virus Production


Manufacture of custom lentiviral and adeno-associated viral vectors for individual researchers.
Manufacture and distribution of lentiviral and adeno-associated viral vectors expressing reporter transgenes
Provision of space and machinery for injection of viruses and post-treatment habituation of mice in compliance with S2 regulations
Distribution of the stock of delta G Rabies and CAV-2 viral vectors expressing reporter transgenes
Storage and tracking of all viruses in the institute
Training and performance of stereotaxic procedures

What to provide to the Core Unit

Cloning of the viral plasmid must be performed by the requestor: Please provide ~50µg (preferably >1µg/µl) of your lentiviral or rAAV plasmid for small scale production
Plasmid DNA should be tested for purity and have an A260/280 of >1.8
Lentiviral and AAV transfer plasmids should be digested with appropriate restriction enzymes to confirm correct insert size. Note: Excessive amounts of linearized full-length plasmid indicate that recombination has occurred
Vector map and sequence file
Information about the amount of virus required

Important information for operations

All requests must first be approved by Prof. Dr. Alon Chen
Inexperienced individuals must first complete training before beginning actual operations. Training and supervision will be provided by Dr. Rosa Hüttl.
To request surgeries or assistance for surgeries, please contact Dr. Rosa Hüttl
For problems with the surgical equipment, please contact Dr. Rosa Hüttl
Anyone wishing to work in the S2 lab must first receive a briefing. To receive a briefing, please contact Maria Holzapfel
Do not forget to reserve the stereotaxy systems in room 004 (S2) in the online calendars
The last day for operations is Tuesday if the following week consists of holidays

Important information regarding viruses

All requests must first be approved by Prof. Dr. Alon Chen
To request viruses, please fill out the virus order form and send it together with the vector card of the plasmid used to Maria Holzapfel
Virus orders from external distributors are not covered by the Virus Core Unit budget
After using the viruses for experiments, please fill out the quality control sheet and send it to Maria Holzapfel
In the following list you will find all viruses available in house and the corresponding plasmids: (O:) -> SNBN -> Core Unit Virus

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