Equipment Analytics

Mass spectrometry

In a mass spectrometer, molecules are analyzed using their mass/charge (m/z) ratio. To this end, the molecules have to be ionized first. We have two mass spectrometers at our disposal: the API 4000, coupled with an HPLC, is primarily used for therapeutic drug monitoring. By means of column switching, other research projects producing a smaller number of samples can also utilize this appliance. The QTrap 5500, coupled with a UPLC, is mostly applied for research purposes. It is mainly characterized by its high sensitivity. Although both mass spectrometers use electrospray ionization (ESI), chemical ionization under atmospheric pressure (APCI) might be employed for the determination of specific analytes.

Measuring equipment:

  • QTrap 5500 (ABSciex) coupled with Acquity UPLC (Waters)
  • API 4000 (ABSciex) coupled with 1100 HPLC (Agilent)

Immunological methods

  • Methods such as multi-analyte, ELISA, RIA, etc.
  • Determination of peptides, proteins, hormones, steroids, cytokines from serum and cerebrospinal fluid
  • Cobas (Modul 6000, 501, 601) (Roche) (methods of clinical lab)
  • Luminex (Invitrogen) multi-analyte, commercial kits and developments of the lab

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