Service Analytics

In cooperation with the Biobanking and Molecular Biology Core Unit, sample processing and sample shipping is organized.

It is part of the unit’s responsibilities to continue developing new methods required for the alignment of the Institute and homogeneity purposes. To this end, we focus on the above-mentioned fields of expertise and dispose of a quality management system including the corresponding documentation.

Below, some selected characteristics and methods are outlined.

Sample material

  • Human: Serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, saliva, etc.
  • Animal: Serum, plasma, brain, hippocampus, spleen, kidney, liver, testicles, lung, intestine, etc.
  • Cell culture: Cellular material, supernatants, etc.

Sample preparation methods

  • Plasma and serum samples are diluted or concentrated as required.
  • Depending on the amount and material of the sample, different equipment and methods – closed systems excluding contamination and ensuring reproducibility – are used for homogenization.
  • Various methods of extraction can be employed. Apart from liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction plates using different sorbents are applied. We have developed a variety of extraction methods to achieve maximum recovery and reproducibility for various substance classes.

Clinical laboratory parameters

All methods of the clinical lab for studies with patients, subjects and animal models

Further services performed

  • Determination of psychopharmaceuticals in human plasma and CSF samples
  • Determination of psychopharmaceuticals in animal material
  • Measurement of steroid profiles in human plasma/serum and animal serum
  • Measurement of endogenous substances in human plasma/serum and animal serum
  • Performance and measurement of commercial MS-based metabolomics kits
  • Homogenization of mural tissue using various techniques
  • Development of new analytical methods for desired analytes
  • Extraction of samples for NMR measurements
  • Metabolomics platform for determining a multitude of metabolites from various pathways (under development)
  • Derivatization reactions to improve the sensitivity in low-concentration analytes
  • Search for biomarkers
  • etc.
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