Service Neuroimaging

The Core Unit Neuroimaging provides the various MR imaging techniques, data collection, data evaluation and the documentation and archiving in the context of in-house collaborations, but also in scientific research projects with external colleagues. Here, optimized measurement protocols are developed and implemented in exchange with the collaboration partners. Our long-standing expertise in the analysis of imaging data ensures that standardized and validated evaluation strategies are used, but also that current and innovative analysis methods are always established and used.

In detail, the Neuroimaging Core Unit offers:

  • Strategic planning of MR studies
  • Support in the preparation of ethics applications and applications for animal experiments
  • Instruction, training and continuing education in MR-specific issues
  • Instruction in the practical performance of MR experiments
  • Commonly available measurement methods: see equipment
  • Installation and establishment of special recording sequences
  • Technical assistance during data acquisition, or complete execution of data acquisition by our technical assistants.
  • Data management, data security, quality control, archiving
  • Statistical data evaluation and data interpretation
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