Dr. Michael Mende
Dr. Michael Mende
Program Coordinator IMPRS-TP | EKF-TP
Telefon: +49 (0) 89-30622-273
Juni 2018
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Special Seminar

14171 1526646343

From genetics to systems, and back: A systematic exploration of neuronal remodeling

In our laboratory, we study the molecular mechanisms that regulate, control and execute developmental neuronal remodeling in Drosophila melanogaster. Remodeling refines neural circuits by a combination of degenerative processes, such as axon and synapse pruning, as well as regenerative processes, such as regrowth to form adult specific connections. Neuronal remodeling is essential for sculpting the mature nervous systems of both vertebrates and invertebrates during development. Despite its fundamental role in neurodevelopment and proposed contribution to various neuropsychiatric disorders, the mechanisms instructing remodeling are only partially known. [mehr]

Special Seminar

14365 1528990337

Transduction of a sense from gut to brain

The brain perceives the environment through specialized sensory neuroepithelial circuits. In the tongue, for instance, taste receptor cells transduce chemical signals by synapsing with the glossopharyngeal nerve. In the gut, however, the putative sensory epithelial cell known as the enteroendocrine cell is thought to convey signals to the nerves only through endocrine mechanisms-hence its name. [mehr]

Munich Psychiatry Lecture Series | MPLS

14286 1528275419

Towards neural repair: turning scar forming glia into neurons

tba [mehr]

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